How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Anything in macOS

I would normally be against the idea of writing a whole post for a single macOS feature but this is a banger.

So, you know keyboard shortcuts. They usually appear right here:

All this is great: we can perform so many actions without having to lift out hands from the keyboard. I love it! I’m always trying to memorize more and more, as they really make your workflows a lot faster.

You might notice there at the top that the action “Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen” does not have its own shortcut. However, I like to show the toolbar in full screen when browsing normally, and to hide it when writing blog posts. I think it deserves a shortcut, so let’s make one.

Step by Step

Open System Preferences. From there, go to “Keyboard.”

Then, “Shortcuts.”

After selecting “App Shortcuts” there on the left, click on the plus sign.

In the view that pops up, I will choose Safari as that’s the app I want to create a shortcut for, but in your case of course that will vary. Then, right under it, we will type exactly the command we want to create a shortcut for. In my case, it was “Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen” so I type that in.

We will then click on the box next to “Keyboard Shortcut” and perform the shortcut on our keyboard. Then, click on “Add” there at the bottom.

That’s it! Now on Safari, just by performing the keyboard shortcut, I can finally toggle the toolbar off and on. Here it is in action:

This way, you can create a keyboard shortcut for any action that doesn’t yet have one, for any app on your Mac. I hope this helped.