100 Days of Swift

A couple of days ago, I chose to start learning the programming language Swift, and committed to practice it every day for 100 days, following Hacking With Swift‘s 100 Days of Swift course plan. While I do have some previous, minor experience with it, I chose to just start from scratch following a well-structured course, as to hopefully build some solid foundations.

Since many of these medium- to long-term commitments often end up being unresolved, I am posting my daily exercises on this website, on the aptly-named page 100 Days of Swift. This means that they will not clog up the blog’s front page and RSS feed, so that you don’t have to watch a newbie developer struggle every day.

Do feel free to check out my playgrounds, however, and do feel free to @me on twitter if I slack for a day. I will have deserved it.