Hi! I’m Lorenzo. Welcome to my small corner of the Internet. I like self development, programming, startups, photography, and more.

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What is trms about? trms is for sharing my findings with you as I go about my life. I’m a bit of a generalist. So there’s some of everything. New reader? Start here.

Here are my ten latest articles, with a link for more at the bottom:

  • The Tool Trap
    Craftsmen all do something different, yet there’s one thing bringing all of them together. The one thing we can all agree on. We want more tools.
  • Zero to Web Dev: Beginnings
    At its core, trms is the journal of a generalist. And what generalists do best is starting new things. So here I am starting something (relatively) new.
  • The Curse of Preparation
    There are two kinds of people. One doesn’t start doing something unless they think they are fully prepared. Others just start doing stuff, then figure it out along the way.
  • Stuck in Generalist Hell
    They say you should write about the question that’s burning in your mind. So here’s mine: is there a generalist hell? And am I stuck in it?
  • Key Takeaways from “Hell Yeah or No” by Derek Sivers
    Derek’s books, for me, are an auto-recommend. They’re the opposite of most non-fiction you can find today: small but packed super tight with ideas and insights.
  • Treat Your Habits Like Meetings
    The biggest problem with habits is that it’s hard to stick to them. How do we trick our brain into helping us? I have a method.
  • Typography for Non-Designers
    Your super quick introduction to the basics of the trade.
  • Communities are Unreasonably Effective
    Communities of people, online or offline, are massively underrated. The upsides of being part of a community are nearly limitless. I’ll explain.
  • Launching the trms Patreon page
    trms gets a page on Patreon.
  • Willpower Won’t Get You There
    Willpower doesn’t work for anyone. Willpower won’t get you where you want to go. There’s a better alternative.

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