First Look at Obsidian – A Promising Zettelkasten App

You know it’s a good day when new Zettelkasten software comes out. And today is a tremendous day, since Obsidian just came out of the blue with a spectacular app to manage our Zettels.

This time I thought I’d try something a little different: here’s a first impressions video from me instead of the usual wall of text.

trms links #4

Before getting to the links, I wanted to apologize. This website was down yesterday, and it’s all because I couldn’t figure out how to properly set up SSL certificates once they expire. I now know how to do that. To the links!


  • Taskwarrior. This is an interesting take on the to-do app, as it’s completely terminal-based. Not for me, as Things is already well established in my workflow, but if you spend a lot of time in the Terminal, this might be for you. It’s actively maintained, free, and open source.
  • SSL For Free. If you own a domain and need free SSL certificates, look no further. I am currently using one such certificate on this website. Life saver.
  • DarkReader. It’s a browser extension that turns dark mode on for websites. It’s incredibly smart, possibly the smartest of its kind I’ve seen. Free on Chrome and Firefox, 7$ on Safari.

Mixed Bag

  • Random Poorly Drawn Lines Comic. I am a huge fan of Reza Farazmand’s comic Poorly Drawn Lines. It’s an instant mood booster. This link shows you a random comic of his every time you click it. It’s first in my bookmarks bar, no joke.
  • Colnect. I’ve been getting into coin collecting lately, and I’ve been using Colnect a lot for the purpose of organizing such collection. It’s a huge catalog for your collections, be it coins, paper money, stamps, sugar packets, tea bags… Interesting website.
  • NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Who doesn’t like space? Here’s a new picture of said space, every day, straight from NASA. Most make for good wallpapers.

State of the Apps – 2020

December. A great time to take stock of what one’s been doing during the past year. And as I’ve come to do here for a while now, also a good time to reflect on the software one’s been using, to see what worked, what changed, and what should be changed. Here we go.

Read moreState of the Apps – 2020

trms links #3

  • Music for Programming – a nice collection of tunes to program, study, or write to. I’ve found a small number of them to be sort of distracting, but overall great collection. They also provide a torrent file to download them for offline consumption.
  • OneTab Browser Extension – I don’t know how this extension didn’t come under my radar before. It takes all of your open tabs and makes a list of links, this list being in a tab itself. You can then reorganize these lists and even share them with people. Totally recommended.
  • Wikipedia – Random Featured Article – Wikipedia’s ‘random’ function is great to discover novelties, but most of the times you’ll just get a maybe paragraph-long, underdeveloped article. With this link, you make sure your random query only picks from featured articles. Here’s also a link for good articles.
  • David Seah’s Compact Calendar – I’ve been using this calendar for four years. As the new year comes around, you need a calendar. And sure, the one on our computers is great for day-to-day business, but you also need (I think) a holistic view of the year to come. This is where this calendar comes into play. It fits in a letter-size/A4 piece of paper, and it’s a great way to take a look at the year as a whole.