The trms Reading Recs Page

I love when people recommend me books and other things to read. Not only it makes me feel like I am hanging out among the right groups of people (good for self-esteem) but it also makes me discover and read books I never would have otherwise. What’s not to like about broadening your horizons?

So I made a page where I list the absolute best of the best of what I’ve read. It’s pretty small, but as I said, best of the best only.

I’ll keep it updated as I go. I hope you can get some value out of it.

I’d also love to get recommendations from you. Feel free to tweet or DM @loregrav.

The Archive Custom Theme: iA Writer

The Archive is an outstanding piece of software for personal knowledge management, especially of the kind I spoke about in my last post. Among its strengths1 is its custom theme engine, allowing users who are willing to tweak a few .json files to create new color schemes from scratch. Since I love iA Writer‘s design, I thought: why not make The Archive look like Writer? So that’s what I did, and you can download the results.

To download the themes, right-click on the themes you want below and save the files in a place you’ll remember. Then, open The Archive’s preferences and go to the Theme tab. Click on “Open Theme Manager” then “Open Theme Directory.” Move the files you downloaded there.

Dark ThemeLight Theme

I tried to stick as closely as possible to Writer’s color palette, in both its light and dark mode. I highly recommend using one the same fonts Writer uses, which they graciously release for free to the public.


  • 1.0: Initial release
  • Dark 1.1: Fixed the unfocused background selection color. Huge thanks to reader Sebastian for the heads-up!