Knowing is Nothing

Throughout the months I spent writing for trms, I realized one thing: I know a lot, but that knowing hasn’t helped.

I tell people how to maintain their habits, why they should do this and shouldn’t do that. I tell them how to get lucky, and how to get this and that done. Someone applying everything I write would be a superhuman. Yet, even I, the one writing those things, am far from that.

I myself know, yet do not always follow, what I write. Why?

I don’t exercise every day, and I forget to journal constantly. Often, I’ll refuse opportunities that my article about luck would consider to be great for me.

I truly believe what I write, and I always speak from experience, yet when it comes to sticking with them in the long term, I just don’t do it.

Clearly, knowing is not enough. I need something more. I need to have something that will turn this knowledge into long-term practice. I know that if I exercised once a day, that would be good for me, but another part of my brain shuts that thought off.

If you’ve been reading my articles, you might say: that’s resistance. But that’s just the thing: knowing about it doesn’t help. This very research into why I’m not sticking with things is a fool’s errand. I am looking for yet more knowledge that I won’t apply.

So, we determined that knowing is nothing, or close to it.

What’s the alternative then?