Learning Regular Expressions

Some other blogs I follow have recently been writing about the beauty and utility of regular expressions. I love regular expressions. Spending a couple of minutes learning them is a great investment, as the time you’ll save later will be many orders of magnitude larger than that. It just makes sense from so many perspectives. You don’t even have to be a programmer to benefit from them, as shown here. They just make you a better computer user.

While the posts do mention some incredibly solid sources to learn regexes from, such as the BBEdit User Manual, they still may be a little too daunting for the “rest of us.” That, for me, is where RegexOne comes into play, which no one has (as far as I can see) mentioned so far.

The whole website is, essentially, one smooth tutorial which will teach you regexes from the bottom up, easing you in one bit at a time, without ever overwhelming you. It’s well-paced, highly interactive, and exactly the sort of thing I’d take on as a little weekend project. I’ve used it to learn regexes back in the day and occasionally come back to it from time to time. It’s great.

Workflow: for Note-Taking and Studying for Exams

In this post I will share with you the workflow I’ve been using for years (with adjustments along the way of course) to take lecture notes and study for upcoming examinations. If lectures and exams are something that’s in your life, I hope this workflow can influence, inspire, or help you to create your own. It’s worked for me.

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State of the Apps – 2019

That time of the year’s come again, where I go over the apps I’ve used throughout the last twelve months, evaluate them, talk about them a bit, and determine whether or not they’ve been good to me this 2018. Here we go!

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State of the Apps – 2018

Here’s state of the apps! this is a list of software I actively use to this day (december 2017), together with a brief explanation on the how and why I use it. fyi, I am an undergraduate student in the social sciences.

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