The Builder’s Toolkit

A list of tools you might find useful when building stuff. Inspired by Sahil‘s weekend of building. Free tools are preferred.


  • Notion. Web app perfect for taking notes. Create an unlimited number of pages with images, tables, interactive elements, embeds, etc., all saved in the cloud, synced to all your devices. (Free)
  • Craft. Similar to Notion but for the Apple ecosystem only. (First 1000 blocks free, then 50$/year)
  • Miro. Digital whiteboard. (Free for personal use)
  • Whimsical. Another digital whiteboard. (first 3000 blocks free)



  • Figma. Web app for prototyping websites. The free plan is basically all you need if you are not working with a team. (Free)


  • Nope, just start building and Google your way through. That’s how you learn. Literally start by just searching “how to build X”.


  • VSCode. Free development environment from Microsoft. Whatever you’re planning to build, you can be pretty sure you can build it here if you install the right plugin. (Free)


  • Google Domains, Namecheap, etc. to purchase the domain name. (usually from 7$ a year) and the hosting (from 1-2$ a month)
  • Blazing fast domain name availability search. Supports fuzzy searches so sometimes it gives you the result you needed, even though you didn’t exactly search for ‘that’. (Free)
  • Stripe to process payments (fees vary)