trms links #5

First of all, thank you for the warm response to the video I published a couple of days ago on Obsidian. Trying a new format is “scary” but seeing the feedback made it all worth it. The links!

AltTab for macOS. I could never get used to the way ⌘-Tab works on the Mac, since it switches between applications instead of windows. AltTab brings Windows-style Alt-Tab to the platform. I’ve been using it myself for a couple of months now and I vouch for it.

free-programming-books. I tinkered for a while with the idea of making a post with a list of free resources to learn programming, then I stumbled upon this project. Worth bookmarking.

AudioMass is a waveform editor completely on the browser, so you upload an audio file and you can edit it to your heart’s content. Think Audacity “lite” and “on the go.”

Very Legit Link. You know how link shorteners take a link and… make it shorter? This does the opposite, and turns your links into long, phishy-looking URLs. For example, the link in the header brings you to the homepage!

OpenEmu. Let’s face it: gaming on the Mac is subpar. This doesn’t have to be the case for older games though. OpenEmu is a multi-emulator for the Mac, well integrated, constantly updated, good-looking, and open source. Go get it!