Communities are Unreasonably Effective - Communities of people, online or offline, are massively underrated. The upsides of being part of a community are nearly limitless. I'll explain.
Launching the trms Patreon page - trms gets a page on Patreon.
Willpower Won’t Get You There - Willpower doesn't work for anyone. Willpower won't get you where you want to go. There's a better alternative.
→ Stoicism: How to Live a Good Life - Some of you may remember I talked about Stoicism in the past in some of my posts. Well, now I went all in, and made a video all about it.
You Need a Journal - I've been writing a daily journal for the best part of the last six years. It's the best thing you can do with five minutes of your time, and one of the habits with the best return on investment.
Prescriptions Won’t Save You - Most things, you just have to figure out on your own.
Why you can’t get things done - I've had an enemy my entire life. It prevents me from being the person I want to be. Likely, it's your enemy too, and you don't even know it's there.
Creating Content is Creating Startups with Lower Stakes - One Friday afternoon, you have an idea.
Luck is a Choice - Most people get luck wrong. I realized this when I changed my behaviour in one or two ways and suddenly got luckier.
The Lindy Effect: The Mental Model to Play the Long Game - Everybody says you should play the long game. Few tell you how. With the Lindy Effect, a simple yet powerful idea, you'll instantly become a better long-term thinker.
The Productivity Trap - Productivity, order, and chaos.
Quantity Is the Way to Quality - Getting burned at the altar of quality.
Energy Doesn’t Work That Way - Feeling low energy? You're not alone.
The Value of Doing a Little - Often, doing a little is better than doing a lot.
Good Writing is Invisible - Some things go unnoticed when they work. Non-fiction writing enters this category too.
The trms Reading Recs Page - A new page to collect all of my reading recommendations.
The Best Note-Taking Method is the One You Have with You - A lesson from photography to the world of note-taking.
Addendum to my Previous Video on ZK - A video in which I give some additional information on Zettelkasten.
What’s a Zettelkasten, Anyway? - I talk about Zettelkasten a lot, but it's time to go back to basics. What is it, anyway?
trms links #5 - Some links for you to enjoy.