resistance Why you can’t get things done - I've had an enemy my entire life. It prevents me from being the person I want to be. Likely, it's your enemy too, and you don't even know it's there.
content startyps Creating Content is Creating Startups with Lower Stakes - One Friday afternoon, you have an idea.
luck Luck is a Choice - Most people get luck wrong. I realized this when I changed my behaviour in one or two ways and suddenly got luckier.
lindy 1 The Lindy Effect: The Mental Model to Play the Long Game - Everybody says you should play the long game. Few tell you how. With the Lindy Effect, a simple yet powerful idea, you'll instantly become a better long-term thinker.
the productivity trap 1 The Productivity Trap - Productivity, order, and chaos.
quantity quality Quantity Is the Way to Quality - Getting burned at the altar of quality.
energy doesnt work that way Energy Doesn’t Work That Way - Feeling low energy? You're not alone.
just do something The Value of Doing a Little - Often, doing a little is better than doing a lot.
good writing is invisible 1 Good Writing is Invisible - Some things go unnoticed when they work. Non-fiction writing enters this category too.
recommended reading 2 The trms Reading Recs Page - A new page to collect all of my reading recommendations.
post banner 1 The Best Note-Taking Method is the One You Have with You - A lesson from photography to the world of note-taking.
Addendum to my Previous Video on ZK - A video in which I give some additional information on Zettelkasten.
What’s a Zettelkasten, Anyway? - I talk about Zettelkasten a lot, but it's time to go back to basics. What is it, anyway?
trms links 5 banner 1 trms links #5 - Some links for you to enjoy.
First Look at Obsidian – A Promising Zettelkasten App - I take a look at Obsidian, a new Zettelkasten-management app.
ngc602 ChandraHubbleSpitzer 3600 scaled e1578831238579 trms links #4 - Link bonanza, fourth episode.
State of the Apps – 2020 - December. A great time to take stock of what one’s been doing during the past year.
trms links #3 - Link bonanza, third episode.
Screen Shot 2019 09 09 at 13.10.36 Some Thoughts on How to Keep a Zettelkasten - In this post I will go over some of the ways I think about organizing knowledge in the personal knowledge system called the Zettelkasten.