Hi! I’m Lorenzo. Welcome to my small corner of the Internet. I like self development, programming, startups, photography, and more.

What is trms about? trms is for sharing my findings with you as I go about my life. I’m a bit of a generalist. So there’s some of everything. New reader? Start here.

Here are my ten latest articles, with a link for more at the bottom:

  • The Wikipedia of Maps: OpenStreetMap
    My new hobby: editing the Wikipedia of maps.
  • → Why I’m Making No Internet a Habit
    So for the past two weeks I’ve been talking about getting off the Internet a day a week. I thought, why not make a video talking about it too? So here it is.
  • Live Intentionally: The Results
    Last week, I resolved to stay a day without Internet, and I said I’d let you know how it went. Well, I did as promised, and here are the results. On how I did it technically, I just disabled Wi-Fi on all of my devices. When it comes to my phone, I disabled all apps … Read more
  • Live Intentionally
    If I had one thing to tell myself right now, that would be it. Live intentionally.
  • On Game Emulation
    Sure, it’s not the real thing. The feeling of placing the CD and turning the console on can’t be replicated by emulators. But it’s pretty darn close.
  • Knowing is Nothing
    Throughout the months I spent writing for trms, I realized one thing: I know a lot, but that knowing hasn’t helped.
  • Key Takeaways from “Skin in the Game” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    Taleb’s books have long been in my recommended reads list. The reason for that is that they feel like eye-opening conversations with someone who’s seen it all.
  • Toki Pona: The 120-Word Language
    There’s a language out there which distills life to 120 words. You can learn it in a weekend, and it’s actually good fun.
  • The Quiet Tech Toolkit
    In this post I’ll give you a couple of tricks and links to tools which, hopefully, will make your stay on the Internet just that little bit healthier and quieter.
  • Habits Need to Fit into Muscle Memory
    We sit down to think about it and no, we should not open the fridge door 20 times a day. Then the time comes, and we find ourselves doing it anyway. Why? My guess is that it has something to do with memory.

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